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The Game

Attack of the Spooklings is an Arcade Slashing game. Think of the best of Space Invader's classic arcade experience with Fruit Ninja's satisfying swiping action.


We plan to make this game as big as our players want it to be. New monster types and game modes? Introducing power-ups? You name it! Just get in touch with us!

Twitter: @Spooklings
Facebook: /Spooklings
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  • Unlimited Slashing Action: Fight an endless onslaught of monsters until your inevitable demise.
  • Deep Score System: Combos, Multipliers and lots of hidden bonuses.
  • No 'Bomb' mechanic: Slash away! Don’t worry about hitting something you shouldn't.
  • Competitive Drive: Keep tabs of your high scores with Twitter & Game Center.
  • Stat-Fest: Plenty of stats to keep track of for the data-obsessed.

Press Kit

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